Crochet Briar rose jewelry

Crochet Briar rose jewelry

This crochet jewelry pattern is inspired by a sweet and graceful type of flower – Briar rose. You might want to crochet Briar rose jewelry for a special event (bridal jewelry) or for some special ones as a very unique and passionate gift.

crochet jewelry pattern

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Materials: ( I used )
Cotton crochet thread: pink, green
Worsted weight yarn: green
2,75 mm and 3,75 mm crochet hooks



Briar rose: using 2,75 mm crochet hook and pink cotton crochet thread.

crochet rose

Make a chain of 16, crochet 2 dc into 3rd chain from hook, (1 dc into next chain, 2 dc into next chain) repeat ’till end, total 24 sts.

crochet rose

Ch 1, turn, * (hdc, dc, tc) into 1 st, ch 1, (hdc, dc, tr) into next st * (finish 1 petal) repeat ** ’till end, you’ll have total 12 petals. (fasten off)

crochet rose

Roll the first petal, hold it tight then wrap the next petals around.
Make it abit looser each round, dispart the petals for a better result.
Sew the petals together. Attach a bead in the middle.

crochet rose pattern

Bracelet: using 2,75 mm crochet hook and green cotton crochet thread.

I designed this part like a chain of green leaves. It’s also adjustable since you can increase and decrease the foundation chain to fit your wrist. (A basic leaf takes 9 chains)

crochet bracelet pattern

Make a chain of 46, sc into 2nd chain from hook, hdc into next st, then dc, make 3 tr into next 3 sts, dc, hdc, sc. Finish a half of one leaf. Continue and crochet all these sts across (sc, hdc, dc, tr, tr, tr, dc, hdc, sc) repeat ’till end.

When you reach the end of one side, crochet a chain of 5 or 6 to make a loop as a button hole.

Continue with the other side, (sc, hdc, dc, tr, tr, tr, dc, hdc, sc) repeat ’till end. (fasten off)

crochet leaf bracelet

Attach and use a bead as a button. Attach the rose on, there you’ll go.

crochet bracelet patterncrochet flower bracelet

Necklace: I used 3,75 mm crochet hook and green worsted weight yarn to make a chain.

Simply crochet some leaves and roses then attach them on.

Leaf: ch 10, sc into 2nd chain from hook, hdc, dc, 3 tr into next 3 chains, dc, hdc, sc, turn, continue with other side, sc, hdc, dc, 3 tr into next 3 sts, dc, hdc, sc (fasten off)

crochet rose necklace

Happy crocheting xD

Written pattern and photos copyright Maz Kwok 2013. Please do not repost, republish or sell the content or photos as your own. You can sell the items you made from this pattern as long as you use your own pictures and give back proper credit. Please do share this pattern with others by link.  For more info, visit my Copyright page.


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