Welcome to my crafty world!

Crochet Designer

This is Maz Kwok – a dreamer, self taught crafter, gamer and above all, life lover.

How did my crochet journey begin? I picked up a crochet hook and tried some crochet tutorials on Youtube in June 2012. Then I started to blog and share my crochet projects/ patterns on my first blog – Be A Crafter xD

After more than one year of blogging and sharing patterns on a blogger theme site. I realized that I’m not a keen blogger but I love to design and share my patterns. Yes, I’m a crafter for life. So here’s a neat site for that very purpose.

It’s such a great journey when I can create and develop my creative skills just by stepping into this crochet community ( despite the fact that English is not my mother language ). More than that I get to know many avid crocheters and talented designers. As a passionate crafter, I understand the love to inspire and to be inspired.

Hope you enjoy your visit <3