Welcome to my crafty world!

This is Maz Kwok – a crafter, dreamer, gamer, wanderer and above all, life lover.

How did my crochet journey begin? I picked up a crochet hook and tried some crochet tutorials on Youtube in June 2012.

After 2 years of blogging and sharing patterns on a blogger theme site. I realized that I’m not a keen blogger but I love to design and share my patterns. Yes, I’m a crafter for life. So here’s a neat site for that very purpose.

How fun when I can learn and develop my creative skills just by stepping into this crochet community ( despite the fact that English is not my mother language ). And it’s not just fun … At first, crocheting is just one of a few DIY activities I chose to cope with my stress and anxiety. Something I really enjoy doing for my own sake. When publishing my creations online, I didn’t know how much it would “touch” me and other creative minds. Thanks to generous crocheters around the world, my designs become presents not just for their beloved ones but also for people in need, cancer patients, charitable foundations … One of my favorite designs turned into the last gift of love for a little angel that had gone too soon… Creating is also beautiful and powerful to me.

Besides, it’s such a pleasure to know many avid crocheters and talented designers. As a passionate crafter, I embrace the love to inspire and to be inspired.

Hope you enjoy your visit <3