Crochet pearl drops collar

Crochet pearl drops collar

Who doesn’t love vintage Peter Pan collars? A detachable crochet collar would bring a cool twist to your simplest outfit. This crochet pearl drops collar is made from soft cotton yarn, brighten up by a pearl bead for a surefire classic style.

crochet collar free pattern

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Materials: (I used)
4mm crochet hook
Worsted weight yarn: milk cotton
Yarn needle
Button or bead


Note: I used chainless starting dc for every first dc of each round instead of ch 3. There’s another good crochet technique to use is ch 2, dc into same stitch ( counted as 1st dc). In the pattern below you’ll see I simply state dc for every first dc of each round, so just choose your best technique.
This is a free-size pattern, increase or decrease the foundation chain for sizing.
Special stitch used: 2dc – V stitch (2 dc, ch 2, 2 dc into same stitch or chain)

crochet pearl drops collar

Foundation chain multiples of 7 plus 4 chain.
R1: (pic no.1) dc into 4th chain from hook ( the first 3 chains work as first dc ), *skip 2 chain, 2dc-V stitch into next chain, skip 2 chain, 2 dc* repeat ** across.

R2: (pic no.2) turn, 2 dc into 1st stitch, *bpdc around next stitch, sc into the ch 2 of next 2dc-V stitch, bpdc around next st, 2dc-V stitch into the space between 2 dc of R1*, repeat ** across, 2 dc into last stitch.

R3: (pic no.3) turn, 3 dc into first stitch, *(fpdc around the next bpdc of R2) x 2 times, 6 dc shell-stitch into the chain of 2 dc V-stich of R2* repeat ** across, 3 dc into last stitch.

R4: (pic no.4 and 5) from the last stitch of R3, sc across the side border, crochet a chain for buttonhole (length of chain will base on the size of the bead or button you chose), continue to sc across ’till other side border. (fasten off, weave in end)

Attach a button or bead on the opposite side. (pic no.6)

how to crochet a collarHappy crocheting xD

You can get the ad free, full instruction with chart here: ( instant download pdf file )


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