Crochet wide strap tank top

Crochet wide strap tank top

A tank top crocheted by soft cotton yarn, flattering and comfortable fit, more casual with wide shoulder strap. Cute and perfect for a workout xD

crochet tank top

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Materials: ( I used )
4mm crochet hook
Light weight/DK yarn: cotton ( 200 gr for the sample- size M/Β 125 gr or 300 yds per skein )
Yarn needle

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Note: I used chainless starting dc for every first dc of each round/row instead of ch3. There’s another good crochet technique to use is ch2, dc into same stitch ( counted as 1st dc). In the pattern below you’ll see I simply state dc for every first dc of each round/row, so just choose your best technique πŸ™‚

Special stitch used:

3dc- V stitch: ( 3 dc, ch 2, 3 dc ) into same stitch

Skill level: Intermediate

Gauge: 10 double crochet stitches x 5 rows approximately 2 inches ( with materials indicated ).

This crochet wide strap tank top pattern fits size M ( chest size: 32 to 34 inches )

Upper part:
Ch 144, sl into 1st ch to join.
R1: dc around, 144 sts, sl into 1st st to join.
R2 and 3: same as R1
R4: bpdc around, 144 sts, sl into 1st st to join.
R5 and 6: dc around, 144 sts, sl into 1st st to join.
Repeat from R4 to R6 3 times, ’till you reach R15

Lower part:
R16: ( dc, ch 1, skip 1 st, dc, skip 2 sts, 3dc-V st into next st, skip 2 sts ) x 18 times, sl into 1st st to join.
R17: ( fpdc, ch 1, skip 1 st, fpdc, 3dc-V st into the ch2 space of the 3dc-V st of last round) x 18 times, sl into 1st st to join.
R18 to 39: same as R17
R40: sc around the bottom border. (fasten off, weave in end)

Back part and shoulder straps:
Back part:
R1: From the 1st ch of 144 chain (upper part of the top), sc around, 144 sts, sl into 1st st to join (fasten off, weave in end)
R2: From the 1st of R1, skip 11 sts, make 50 sc across, turn
R3: 50 dc across, turn
R4 to 7: same as R3, turn

Shoulder straps:
R8: 15 dc across, turn
R9 to 27: same as R 8
R28: 15 dc across (fasten off)
Join the strap and front side with sc or sl stitch (fasten off, weave in end)
Repeat from R8 to R28 at other side to make the other shoulder strap.

Optional: playing with the ribbed texture xD (I used black glitter fingering yarn)
Simply crochet ( sc, ch 1 ) into every stitch around the ribbed lines. Dc around the last round ( fringe ).

  • One of my lovely readers – Maribel made a translated version in Danish ( Thank you Maribel! ) You can check it here: Wide strap tank top

Ain’t it easy? You don’t need to be an experienced crocheter to make this crochet wide strap tank top πŸ™‚

crochet tank top free pattern

You can haveΒ size 2XS to 2XL ad-free patterns with stitches diagram in this instant download pdf file on:




( There’s an itsy bitsy fee for it, thanks for your support )

Happy crocheting xD

Written pattern and photos copyright Maz Kwok 2014. Please do not repost, republish or sell the content or photos as your own.Β You can sell the items you made from this pattern as long as you use your own pictures and give back proper credit. Please do share this pattern with others by link. Β For more info, visit my Copyright page.

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  1. Carolyn says:

    I’m very glad to pay for a pattern, to compensate for your skill and work. I like this top a lot. But to get the other sizes that I wanted, I would have had to put in my credit card number to another site rather than pay you for an immediate download. I’m too cautious to do that. Us there another way?

  2. Stephanie says:

    Just purchased your pattern off Craftsy and while I don’t mind paying for a pattern I would just make a suggestion that you include along with the wider size range the altered amount of yarn needed in the other sizes. As well as have the pattern tested by other crocheters perhaps that is a huge help to the accuracy and ease of understanding of your patterns. I promise, having patterns tested before offered to general public will save you a lot of revamping and supplying updated pattern information and endear you to the crochet community at large. Ravelry I believe has a forum where you can find people to do a test for you and there is a group on Yahoo that does this as well.

    Just some suggestions from someone who designs and tests patterns. πŸ™‚

    • Maz Kwok says:

      Thanks for your suggestions! So far I have only one tester, been thinking of getting more πŸ™‚

  3. Clarissa says:

    Most tank tops that have an upper and a lower pattern end at the middle of my bust, this pattern looks nice in that I could simply add more rows to make it end where it needs to… Nice pattern

  4. seeflishman says:

    This is a beautiful top and I would love to be able to attempt to make it. Thank you for sharing this pattern!!

  5. InnaCrafts says:

    Maz– This design is beautiful and on trend! Thank you for creating such nice apparel. My friend wears a size Large-XLarge/12-14 top and I’d love to crochet it for her upcoming birthday…
    * * * What would be the best way to create approximately that size from your Medium pattern? ~Thank you again! {Inna}

  6. Maz Kwok says:

    About 176 foundation chain for L size and 200 chain for XL. I’ve been working on pattern calculation for other sizes due to many requests. Hope I can update these soon πŸ™‚

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