Crochet shawl cir-collar vest

Crochet shawl cir-collar vest

This crochet short vest pattern has a nice mix match of old and new trends. While the shawl collar gives a classic touch, the ribbed texture adds a modern look. Just in style!

crochet circle vest free pattern

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Materials: ( I used )
5mm crochet hook
Light weight/DK yarn: Red Heart Luster Sheen Yarn- mid blue ( 200gr for the sample – size S&M/ 100 gr or 216 yds per skein )
Yarn needle

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Note: I used chainless starting dc for every first dc of each row/round instead of ch 3. There’s another good crochet technique to use is ch 2, dc into same stitch ( counted as 1st dc). In the pattern below you’ll see I simply state dc for every first dc of each row/round, so just choose your best technique.

Special stitch used:
V stitch: (dc, ch 1, dc) into same stitch or space
2dc V stitch: (2 dc, ch 1, 2 dc) into same stitch or space
6 dc shell stitch: 6 dc into same stitch or space

Skill level: Intermediate

Gauge: 9 double crochet stitches x 5 rows approximately 2 inches

This crochet shawl cir-collar vest patern fits size S and M (chest 30 to 34 inches). 

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Back part: work in rows

R1: ch 58, dc into the 3rd chain from hook (the first 2 chain doesn’t count as 1st dc) , dc across, 56 sts, turn.

R2 and 3: 56 dc across, turn.

R4: dc into 1st stitch, skip 1 st, (V stitch into next stitch, skip 2 sts) x 17 times across, V stitch into next st, skip 1 st, dc into last stitch, turn.

R5: dc into 1st stitch, (V stitch into next ch1-space ) x 18 times, dc into last stitch, turn.

R6 to R15: same as R5

R16: 56 dc across, turn.

R17 and 18: same as R16

crochet vest free pattern

Circle part: work in rounds

R1: from the last stitch of R18 (of the back part), crochet a chain of 32, sc into the 1st stitch of R1 (of the back part), 56 sc across, ch 32, sc into the 1st stitch of R18 (of the back part), 56 sc across, sl into 1st stitch to join.

R2: dc into the chains, 32 dc across, inc dc into next st, 54 dc across, inc dc into next st, 32 dc cross, inc dc into next st, 54 dc scross, inc dc into next st, total 180 sts, sl into 1st stitch to join.

how to crochet circle vest
R3: (dc, skip 1 st, V stitch into next st, skip 1 st) x 45 times around, sl into 1st stitch to join.

R4: (fpdc, 2 dc – V stitch into next ch1-space) x 45 times around, sl into 1st stitch to join.

R5 to 21: same as R4

R22: 3 dc into 1st stitch, *sc into next ch1-space, 6 dc shell stitch into next stitch*, repeat **around, end with 3 dc into 1st stitch, sl into 1st stitch to join (fasten off, weave in ends)

Try on, choose your best place to attach the button. Steam block your finished project.

A Christmas version with red and white fur yarn.

crochet Santa circle vest

You can have size 2XS to 2XL ad-free patterns with stitches diagram in this instant download pdf file on:



( There’s an itsy bitsy fee for it, thanks for your support )

Happy crocheting xD

Written pattern and photos copyright Maz Kwok 2014. Please do not repost, republish or sell the content or photos as your own. You can sell the items you made from this pattern as long as you use your own pictures and give back proper credit. Please do share this pattern with others by link. For more info, visit my Copyright page.


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  1. Cyndie Dyer says:

    Just in case anyone else makes this lovely pattern only to discover the shape is not flattering on them, don’t toss it! With my short neck and belly bulge, I should of known better – but it was too pretty not to try. I finally turned it so that one armhole became the neck opening and crocheted a kangaroo pouch pocket beginning at the other armhole opening and attached to the outside edge. Now it is the best poncho, and I love it! With the shorter back, it is easy to pop on and off as the air conditioning changes. Don’t know how to attach a photo, or I would post it.

  2. Alina says:

    Love, love the pattern! Made it for my niece however, have one problem. The bottom curls up. Used acrylic yarn, washed and dried it and the curl is still there. Any helpful solutions to eliminate the curl? Thank for your pattern and advice.

  3. Rathje says:

    I have made this beautiful vest for my daughter for Christmas. But i do have a question. What size button do you suggest? Thank you for creating this pattern.

  4. Debra Mulvaney says:

    I’m making this. Now doing in the round..but am lost R2..180 sts. Am I going all around the whole piece ..the sides and bottom?

  5. Lisa says:

    Hello! This is a beautiful pattern, and I can’t wait to try it! Could you please tell me how much yarn would be needed for the smaller size, in yards? Thank you!!

    • Maz Kwok says:

      Hi! If you’re going to use Luster Sheen yarn from Red Heart, just get 2 skeins. Other light weight yarn, I think 600 yds is safe 🙂

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